Friday, December 5, 2014

You Have To Like It Too

We all want to be funny, we all want to be smart, we all want to look good, we all want to be liked.

But the thing is, you don't have to become funny, or become smart, or make yourself look good for people to like you. Because they wont. People wont like the fake person you have made yourself.
Maybe you will, because you think since you've now become the person people seem to like, you have made it to a place where you are likeable.

But really, you have simply tried to make yourself a person you think others will like.

Don't do that.

Don't conform to the cultural 'norm' that people always seem to like, because in reality people don't like only one single type of person. People like those who are themselves. Who are funny, because they really are crazy weirdos who are okay when people laugh at them, because they laugh with them. Who are smart because they strive to learn new things, because they love learning. People who look good, because they are comfortable in how they look, how they dress, because they know what they like, and people like that.

So don't try to be funny, don't try to act smart, don't try to look good.

Just do what you do, because the only way people will like what you do, is if you like what you do too.

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