Thursday, December 18, 2014


It's almost strange to suddenly realize everybody around you has their own life. 
The people walking in the doors, the people walking out, the people waiting in line, the people sitting at tables, the people working behind the counter, the people who are driving by.
 Every single person has lived their own life. 
They all have their own stories and adventures and things they did that morning and things to do later. They're all so alive. 
Usually they're insignificant people walking around or sitting at tables. 
But the longer I watch the more I realize they're not just "people." 
People are never just people. 
They walk and talk and are happy or sad and they have a life just like I do.
 But I almost never see it like that.
 Most of the time they're just a person driving slow in front of me or somebody I accidentally bump into while walking by. 
But they're so much more than that.
 Every person has as much life as you and I do.

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