Tuesday, April 7, 2015


               I often consider life hard and sad, without joy but for small insignificant happenings that quickly fade. The wink of a boy or a compliment on my work. 
For a moment there is a small bit of joy, but by the next day it’s gone.
 But slowly I’ve begun to see the everlasting joy. 
The joy that I wake up feeling and fall asleep knowing. 
The joy that overwhelms me in particularly happy times and a joy that keeps me trudging through the sad. 
A joy that awes me and a joy that confuses me, a joy I want to share, but a joy that I cannot give. For no person here on Earth can make someone feel this joy. 
This is a joy that comes from Christ alone.
 A joy of knowing that even though my sin, my existence put him on the cross, for me he died
He has forgiven me, He loves me, and He has a plan for me. 
And so with this joy I feel, I want to share it. 
I want you to know this joy too. 
I want you to live with this joy. I want the world to know this joy. 
The joy of living for Christ. 
The joy of freely being able to worship him. The joy of knowing no matter what… 
He will always 
and take care of me.

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