Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flashbacks With Collin...

In honor of your 18th Birthday, here's some commentary on pictures of us throughout the years.

Might as well start with the present....

IN YOUR OWN CAR???? cool....I guess.

If reincarnation was a thing you'd probably end up like this in your next life.
Did I tickle you or did my flower scare you or what....

This may appear nice and sweet...but in the other picture the look on your face is pure mischief as you push me higher and higher...

I guess you always had the top of the castle...and more stuffed animals..I got a chair and the dungeon.

Poking sticks in water. Such fun.

Look at us singers, singing our little hearts out. I'm sure we sounded glorious ;)

I guess you've always been a little more patriotic than me...

Um excuse you. You already blew out your own candle LET ME BLOW OUT MINE.

Look at our swaggy selves all grown up going up the ski lift on our own.

I think I'm screaming because you took my shoe. Thanks.

So is this Christmas ornament like an enchanting orb or were we just generally fascinated by circular objects?

GRAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS....also apparently snakes and turkeys?

You don't look very pleased to be taking over the world with me on our frog, leading our frog army to destroy the rest of the world.

Remember that time you hardly had any teeth....Yeah me too.

I guess I got a little more patriotic as time went on, but you sure rock those sandals well brotha.

Always above me, in our castle, in the tree. Always gotta be higher up...Probably why I got the lead the frog army.

You look really happy to be standing by the fish, meanwhile I seem to be thinking, "HA, this isn't nothing compared to my stuffed camel."

Look at our master paddle-boating selves, sure our legs can't even reach the pedals but I'm sure we were as fast as you are to fall off Rainbow Road in Mario-Cart.

We look like we're trying to hide the fact that we just did something we really shouldn't have.

Remember that time we were all matchy in our ski stuff and didn't know how to go fast. Yeah we've grown since then.

Apparently we wore platform sandals...Also apparently you've rocked the socks with sandals look for a long time, except with only one sock.

Still trying to be higher up than me... -_-

So you're meditating and I'm growing very large shoulder muscles.

I suppose we've always looked at eachother like this....Still do to this day.

This is actually a signature "collin-face" you still make it to this day....It's a little more dramatic nowadays though.

Awwwwww, we tend to match a lot, props to Mom for arranging that.

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