Monday, November 10, 2014


        In several Omnibus classes there have been numerous discussions about music in the church. Contemporary? Slideshows? Styles of music and way of presenting it...we talk about it all.
But recently I realized the one thing that really matters.

       Music in the church is meant for worship. To sing praise to God. And because of this, the only two things that matter are,

A.) The Message.
          We sing these songs to God, and if the words and meanings they hold aren't right, should they be sung? Most of the time when we sing we don't examine the words we are actually singing. We don't take the time to think about whether or not we agree with what we sing. But as long as those words are true, then it is good.

B.) Ability.
          The songs must be able to be sung by a congregation. The lyrics to LeCrae's songs are good, but can a congregation rap together? Can they all sing in unison to a very fast pace complicated song? Not really... The same goes for other types of music, some styles are easier to sing than others. If a congregation is able to sing in unison with the style of music, then it works.

           So really you have to have both of those things. A good message and the ability to sing it together as a congregation. Whether you should use hymnbooks or a slideshow is purely preference. There is nothing wrong with either, but for me, I simply rather just hold a hymn book in my hand.

                                                    "Nothing can for sin atone,
                                                  Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
                                                 Naught of good that I have done,
                                                   Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

                                                        Oh! precious is the flow
                                                  That makes me white as snow;
                                                         No other fount I know,
                                                    Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

           These words by Robert Lowry can be sung to the original hymn style on a piano, or to a guitar... But when you hear a congregation singing those wonderful words in unison.... The style doesn't matter.

                                                            Nothing but the blood

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