Friday, October 31, 2014

Homeschooler, OPE, Whatever You Wanna Call It

                Today I realized how actually amazing my school is. It may be online, and everybody may live hundreds and even thousands of miles away, but it is one of the coolest schools ever. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if VPSA was a brick and mortar school and all the students lived in the same area. Wondered what it would be like to see all my friends every day... what it would be like to actually be in the same room as all these awesome teachers. It's a strange train of thoughts. While I think I would love that, we would then become like all other schools, located in one place.

           This morning I had a Student Officers meeting with sixteen or so other officers. All meeting from different parts of the country (except for the sibling pairs who were most likely meeting from the same home). From Mississippi, California, Texas, Kansas and other states we all casually met this morning for a meeting. If we were all located in one place, we would have woken up this morning, gotten dressed and gone to school early to meet with the Headmaster and other administration. But at least a few of us didn't get dressed, some of us ate breakfast during the meeting. It's so entirely different from any other school.

              There's nothing quite like VPSA. Though at times it is hard and painful to be away from your friends, when the end of the year rolls around along with the Gathering, it makes it all worth it. How many schools' students genuinely love being together more than VPSA? Nothing beats the closeness of friends that are thousands of miles away.

            The work may be hard, even completely insane at times, but the tough Omnibus reading, and Rhetoric speech presenting is almost always enjoyable. There's nothing quite like stretching your brain to the point it feels like mush. But one thing I never saw in my year at "real school" is the presentation of the Gospel in all classes. It's almost always brought up in Omnibus, but I've seen it in Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Composition, and Every. Single. Veritas class I have ever taken. Since when do we talk about Christ in Algebra? My local friends would laugh at that... "How does that even apply to math?" they'd ask. How does it apply? It doesn't, but that's what it's all about. Why even bother learning anything if you aren't going to go out and use all that knowledge to serve God?

         This school, that teaches the Gospel in all classes, that has students scattered around the world, that is one of the coolest schools around, this school is amazing. Even if we did have the option to make it where everybody's in the same town, where we see each other all day every day, if that meant the courses became more normal and the presentation of the Gospel disappeared, I wouldn't want it.
The way it is now is the way that it works the best.

         Thank you Veritas Press Scholars Academy for being a crazy amazing school.


  1. Love it, Kaitlynn! Those are wonderful points about VPSA ... it is definitely the best school I've ever gone to. And this post just made me love it even more. :')