Friday, August 29, 2014

[Rosalind & Sarah] Summer - 2014

Two of the most Godly girls I know and I'm so incredibly thankful to have them both as best-friends. Saying goodbye is tough and painful, but it wont be long until we are together again.

And so here I present my beautiful and slightly crazy ( being crazy ;) friends.

This is the must-take-every-time-we're-together-photo pose.

They're both fabulous, adorable, and a little crazy.

"She my bae, her my bae, she my bae, her my bae." Their nicknames for each other are endless, and hilarious.

The three of us.

"So fierce."

Ballet arms and hands...

Sarah: "ROSALIND! I'm going to jump in your arms!"
Rosalind: "I don't know if I ca- "
Sarah: "AH"
Rosalind: "-N HOLD YOU."

The faces, oh the faces.

But the laughs as well...

"She my bae, her my bae."

"AH! Let's take a picture with the mailbox!!!"

This butterfly was very attached to Sarah, much to Rosalind's jealousy.


Sarah's most well-known expression other than her beautiful smile.

Even though it's only been two hours, I miss you both like crazy. 270 something days m'dears. 
Taha dabab. We've got this.

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